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History of the company Josef Manner & Company AG


“Chocolate for everyone” – this was the motto and the goal of Joseph Manner, when in 1890 he founded his chocolate business. At that time chocolate belonged to luxury goods. Joseph Manner owned a small shop in the heart of Vienna just a stone’s throw away from St. Stephan’s cathedral, where he sold chocolate and fig coffee. The trademark of St. Stephan’s cathedral was registered by Manner as the company logo shortly after he opened the shop.
Two years later the company had ca. 100 employees and in 1898 the most popular Manner’s product was invented – Neapolitaner Wafer No. 239. Its package has been improved over the years, but the basic receipt remained unchanged. Over the years it has become the representative product of the company.
In the next years Johann Riedl joined the company, investment was made in machinery, plant infrastructure and production, and Manner became the leading confectionery company in the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy and later in Austria.
The Manner brand and the products in characteristic pink with the blue symbol of St. Stephan’s cathedral have become the synonym of Viennese taste also abroad. The products are distributed to over 50 countries in Europe, Asia, Northern and Southern America.
The current portfolio of the company covers 3 brands: Manner – crunchy wafers in different sizes, with nut, chocolate and milk flavour, Casali – dragees with alcohol filling and fruit foams with chocolate coating, and Napoli – wafers separated by hazelnut, cocoa and milk cream, and cookies.
Since 1 February 2012 the company Kruger Polska Sp. z o.o. has been the sole distributor of Joseph Manner & Company in Poland.
For more crunchy info visit official Manner web site:


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