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Dietary Apple Fiber 80g

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Food suplement. Krüger apple fiber. Ingredients: apple fiber (60%), maltodextrin, flavouring
Preparation method: Put 1-3 teaspoons to a glass. Pour slowly at least 150 ml of lukewarm water. Stir with a teaspoon and check if no clumps were formed. Consume directly after preparation. The product can be consumed in a dry form or can be added to e.g. yoghurt, juice.. Do not consume in a lying position.
Always, while consuming fiber drink a lot of water (1-2 glasses of water or beverage). Store in a dry place in a closed packaging. Keep away from children. Recommended: 12-26g of product to consume daily, 2-3 times daily 30 minutes before eating. Start with smaller quantity (1 teaspoon 3 times a day) and after 2-3 days gradually increase the quantity to give your intestines and stomach time to adapt. Recommended daily dose of product is not to be exceeded. Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet. Take care of a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.
Net weight: 80 g

Dietary fiber

foli bag 80g

cardboard box 10x80g

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Is the use of food supplements healthy? It is obvious that the best vitamins and minerals are derived from natural products. It''s a problem, however, because we eat a lot of processed foods and little fruit and vegetables, and thus are not able to provide our body enough vitamins and minerals. I recommend to use vitamin preparations mainly in autumn and winter, because in then we are particularly vulnerable to deficiencies of vitamins and minerals.

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