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(Polski) Dwupak Magnez B6 + Calcium

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MAGNESIUM +B6 - effervescent tablets, lemon flavour
  • 1 tablet provides 34% of recommended daily allowance of magnesium, Magnesium participates actively in the most important stages of the production and use of energy necessary for all metabolic and vital functions of cells. It plays an important role in the physiology of many systems: the nervous, muscular, cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, endocrine, hematopoietic, immune and bone and joint.
  • magnesium is indispensable in stress situations, augments concentration, has a protective effect, and a component of bones and teeth. Furthermore, it plays an important role in the process of seeing.
  • recommended in mental and physical fatigue, in the period of rapid growth in children, during pregnancy and breast-feeding, and for persons excessively consuming alcohol and coffee.
  • Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) - has an impact on blood pressure, cardiac work and on proper functioning of the nervous system, prevents muscle cramps, increases the body's immunity, helps fight pain, alleviates symptoms of depression, irritability, headaches.
  • Application: 1 tablet daily
CALCIUM - effervescent tablets, lemon flavour
  • 1 tablet provides 38% of daily calcium demand,
  • calcium is a component of bone tissue, teeth and nails, plays an important role in soothing food allergies, augments proper function of nervous and muscular systems,
  • recommended especially for children in the period of rapid growth, for pregnant and breast-feeding women and in osteoporosis prophylaxis
  • Application: 2 tablets daily

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tube 80g

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How can low intake of fiber affect our body? Too little fiber consumption can cause diseases of the digestive tract - mainly constipation. The deficiency of fiber in the diet can lead to civilization diseases such as obesity, atherosclerosis, diabetes, cholelithiasis and even cancer of the large intestine.


(Polski) Dwupak Magnez B6 + Elektrolity

(Polski) Dwupaki w super cenie!