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Hot Coffee Type Crème Brûlée 144g

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HOT COFFEE - Coffee pleasure Hot, aromatic coffee with milk. Excellent in autumn and winter. Interesting flavors will give you a great pleasure.
  • Composition that combines the mild taste of coffee, milk and sugar
  • Unique flavor crème brulée
  • 10% coffee content
  • Extremely comfortable packaging
  • Ideal and quick way to prepare your favorite coffee
  • One carton box contains 8 sachets, each for 1 portion of aromatic coffee
Ingredients: sugar, glucose syrup, hardened vegetable oil (coconut), instant coffee (10%), aroma, milk protein, stabilizer E 340, anticaking agent E 341, salt, emulsifiers E 471 and E 472c, colorant E 160a. Average nutritional value in 100g: energy value 1964 kJ/467 kcal; fat 17g; of which saturates 16g; carbohydrate 77g; of which sugars 49g; protein 2,4g; salt 0,37g. Directions for use:Add content of sachet (18g) to cup or mug. Fill with 150 ml of hot but not boiled water (temp. ab. 85°C). Mix it all up and enjoy your drink. Net weight: 144g Store in dry place.

Hot Coffee

cardboard box 100g

cardboard box 15x144g

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