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Ice Coffee Coconut

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ICE COFFEE by Krüger is an ideal drink that gives you a pleasant chill not only during hot days. This refreshing drink instantly quenches thirst. It is easy and fast to prepare. To satisfy the taste of of our clients we have in offer 4 different, equally delicious flavours of ICE COFFEE:
  • classic
  • coconut
  • latte
  • typ white chocolate
ICE COFFEE COCONUT cartoon sachet 12.5g
  • delicate ice coffee with a subtle coconut flavour
  • one carton box contains 12 sachets, each for 1 portion of aromatic coffee
  • can be easily prepared by dissolving in cold milk
  • best prepared in a shaker or blender with a scoop of ice cream to get a fantastic creamy structure
It is not only a refreshing drink, but it is also ideal for ice desserts Ingredients: sugar, spray-dried instant coffee (9%), aroma, salt, maltodextrin. Average nutritional value in 100g: energy value 1681 kJ/395 kcal; fat 0,5g; of which saturates 0,5g; carbohydrate 97g; of which sugars 91g; protein 1,6g; salt 0,27g. Directions for use:Add content of sachet (12,5g) to the glass, fill with cold milk, than mix it all up Net weight: 12.5g Store in a dry place, in a closed package

Ice Coffee - seasonal offer

saszetka 12.5g

opakowanie zbiorcze 25x12.5g

Interesting Facts

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In this product line also available Ice Coffee - seasonal offer


Cool Drink type Shake. Instant drink cherry and banana flavour

(Polski) Koktajl mleczny o smaku wiśniowo-bananowym
Owocowe I orzeźwiające Cool Drinks.