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MELISSA – system duo effervescent tablets lemon flavor. The product contains melissa, magnesium and vitamin B6.
A very melliferous plant, a favorite of bees, as reflected in the names: the Greek word melitta is a bee, the Latin mel means honey).
Initially it was used as an additive for beverages, food, and to practice magic. It was supposed to eliminate distress, longings, cheer up, encourage cowards and change the enemies into friends.
  1 tablet of Linie Vital Melissa plus contains an optimum dosage of vitamin B6 - which means that it covers 100% of daily demand for this vitamin. It also contains magnesium (75 mg) which represents 25% of the daily demand, and 25 mg of melissa extract.
The product is sugarfree, can be used by diabetics.
Application: 1 tablet daily.

Vitamins and minerals

tube 80g

cardboard box 16x80g

Interesting Facts

What is our daily energy demand? Global demand for energy is individual for each human being, because it arises from the demands of primary metabolism, lifestyle, age, morphology, height (children). You can assume that, on average, women need from 1600-2000kcal a day, and men 2200-2600kcal daily. Such number of calories allows for normal functioning of the body.


Drinking chocolate with salty caramel flavour 220g – reduced fat content

(Polski) Przyjemny, aksamitny smak, Idealna się w chwilach, kiedy potrzebujesz odpoczynku i relaksu