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Cool Drink type Shake. Instant drink forest fruits flavour

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Cool Drink type Shake. Instant drink forest fruits flavour Fruity and refreshing Cool Drinks. Perfect shake, ideal consistency, unique flavor combination. Quick and convenient way of preparation. Add only milk and mix! Ingredients:sugar, potato starch, acidity regulator: citric acid; hibiscus extract, powdered beet root juice (maltodextrin, beet root juice concentrate); thickener: gum arabic; thickener: sodium carboxy methyl cellulose; natural flavorings; maltodextrin, dried raspberry concentrate, dried strawberry concentrate, dried wildberry concentrate, dried blackberry concentrate Average nutritional value in 100g: energy value 1639 kJ/387 kcal; fat 0g; of which saturates 0g; carbohydrate 94g; of which sugars 73g; protein 0g; salt 0,50g. Directions for use:add content (20 g) to the glass, fill with strongly cold milk (200 ml) and mix up well – drink is ready. Net weight: 20g Keep in dry place.

saszetka 20g

opakowanie zbiorcze 25x20g

Interesting Facts

How can low intake of fiber affect our body? Too little fiber consumption can cause diseases of the digestive tract - mainly constipation. The deficiency of fiber in the diet can lead to civilization diseases such as obesity, atherosclerosis, diabetes, cholelithiasis and even cancer of the large intestine.

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