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Ginseng – System duo effervescent tablets orange flavour Beside ginseng extract the product contains also 10 vitamins Ginseng Europe came to know dry ginseng roots in the year 1610, when they first were brought by Dutch traders from Japan. A century later, the ginseng tincture, known as "pentao" was used at the court of Louis XIV to cure him of sexual impotence. In the nineteenth century the value of dry ginseng root exceed the value of gold 18 times. The largest root was found in China in 1905, during the construction of a railway to Suczou. It weighed 600 g and the age was estimated to be two hundred years. Till the present day it is a museum exhibit. Ginseng (Panax ginseng CA Mey), is also called a universal drug. It grows free in north-eastern China, in the north of the Korean Peninsula, Japan and eastern Russia. Name of the plant in the West stems from the Chinese name meaning "man-root", which refers to the shape of rhizomes resembling a man. 1 tablet of Ginseng contains an optimum dose of vitamin C, E, B6, B12, niacin, pantothenic acid, riboflavin, liamin, folacin and biotin - which means that it covers 100% of daily demand for these components; it also includes 40 mg of ginseng extract The product is sugarfree, can be taken by diabetics. Application: 1 tablet daily

Vitamins and minerals

tube 80g

cardboard box 16x80g

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Why do you feel tired, sleepy and less resistant to infections in the winter? This is the result of improper diet and little physical activity. So do not try to choose food yourself. Your body should prompt you what to do to augment immunity, to prevent infection and unnecessary ballast in the form of fat. Fatigue can be caused by deficiency of iron in the diet, and too small amounts of vitamins from groups B and E.


(Polski) Dwupak Magnez B6 + Calcium

(Polski) Dwupaki w super cenie!