Manner History

Josef Manner & Comp. AG company was founded in 1890 and specializes in the production of Manner wafers, Casali Rum&Coconut dragees and Casali Schoko-Bananen foams. The Manner brand is an iconic sweet manufacturer in Austria, loved because of its products’ taste, quality and long-standing tradition. The company’s headquarters is in Vienna. Manner products are manufactured only in the company’s production facilities in Austria.

Like all great success stories, this also begins with one man from the pioneering times of the company. Josef Manner the First opened a small candy store in 1890, in the heart of Vienna, just a few steps from the huge gate of St. Stephen’s Cathedral.

What started as a small store has developed into one of the most popular brand of sweets in Austria. With over 125 years of experience in the food industry, the Manner brand has become a synonym for the highest quality wafers produced in Austria, both on the Austrian market and far beyond Austrian borders.

End of 19th century

  • Chocolate was a luxury good, but the quality of chocolate products was not high.


  • Josef Manner I opens his store at St Stefan Square in Vienna in 1890.
  • At the age of 25, Josef Manner buys a license, rooms and simple devices from a small chocolate maker in the 5th district of Vienna.
  • On March 1, 1890, he founded his own chocolate factory, “Chocoladen fabrik Josef Manner”.
  • “Chocolate for everyone” was a vision of Josef Manner.
  • Transfer of the store and production to Hernals – Vienna’s 17th district.


  • This year, the Original Manner Neapolitaner wafer recipe has been developed. For the first time, the wafer is placed in the product catalog under the name “Wafer Neapolitaner Nr. 239. “


  • Johann Riedl joins the company as a partner.


  • The recipe for success: “high quality, affordable prices”.
  • One of the leading confectionery sector companies in the Austro-Hungarian Empire.


  • The company becomes a joint stock company – the new company name is “Josef Manner & Comp. AG “.
  • The employment is 3,000 employees.


  • A new beginning after World War II.


  • The invention of a hermetic packaging for Manner wafers.


  • Merger with the second largest confectionery company in Austria, owned by the Andres family – Napoli, Ragendorfer & Co (Casali and Napoli brands).


  • Acquisition of Walde Candita in Wolkersdorf, Lower Austria.


  • Acquisition of Victor Schmidt & Söhne GmbH with the iconic brands “Ildefonso”, “Victor Schmidt Austria Mozartkugeln” and “Heller”.