For more than 25 years Krüger Polska LLC is part of the Krüger GmbH group, an international group founded in 1971 by Willibert Krüger. We use knowledge and experience, analyze global markets to give our clients innovative products of best quality, perfect in every respect. We offer products intended for different age groups.

We strive to ensure that our products are always created with passion, with extreme delicacy, from the best raw materials, using the latest technological possibilities and the best knowledge of our specialists in the field of nutrition and food-production technology.

The impressive range of products we offer, satisfy the desires of not only Polish consumers.

The history of Krüger Polska began in 1994, when a production plant was opened in Ostrów Mazowiecka. According to the company’s strategy, instant products were and are the main category of portfolio. The instant products assortment increased every year. Currently, the company belongs to the group of top producers on the Polish market. The distribution network, which is growing from year to year, simultaneously promotes products and maintains high production standards, has gained recognition in the eyes of Polish consumers and has allowed to build significant market shares in various categories of these products.


Krüger GmbH is a leading company on the international food market.

The name of the company comes from the name of the founder – William Krüger, who opened the first instant beverage factory in Germany more than 48 years ago, and in 1971 introduced soluble lemon tea. The constantly growing demand meant that the company decided to improve the technology, expand the range and improve distribution on the food market.

Currently, Krüger GmbH is a leader on the instant products market in Europe, employing over 5,000 employees. The entire Krüger Group, which includes Cocoa plantations, coffee roasters, dairies – develops, produces and offers food products in 10 different countries in 20 locations. Krüger exports products to over 100 countries around the world.

The key values ​​that guide the group are: quality, tradition, respect, reliability and continuous innovation.



The mission of our company is to combine share capital and knowledge of all employees in order to produce high quality products that will fully meet the expectations of our consumers. Customer satisfaction is the best assessment and a prerequisite for our company’s success.


We strive to strengthen our strong position on the market of instant products and maintain our leadership position in the category of para-pharmaceuticals in FMCG services.


A consistent development strategy of the company, care for maintaining proper production standards and creating a range of products for customers that will be able to meet their needs to the highest degree, are the goals that our company follows. These goals were formulated by the Management Board in the Quality and Safety Policy of Krüger Polska LLC.

  • Quality, Safety and Environment Policy Pobierz
  • The Best Product of the Year 2014, Jeronimo Martins Award II place Pobierz

    We are driven by a satisfied consumer, so we continue to develop and improve our products, and modernize our production facility. This is demonstrated by the certificates obtained, thanks to which the consumer can be sure that he is receiving products of the highest quality.

    • International Food Standard (IFS) Certificate Pobierz
    • BRC Global Standard for Food Safety Certificate Pobierz
    • BIO Certificate Pobierz
    • ASDA Pobierz


    • Packaging in PET jar type containers with the possibility of labeling, automatic packaging in bulk containers – agglomerated, granulated products, mixtures.
    • Packaging in cardboard boxes, secured with an aluminum peelable membrane – granulated, agglomerated products, mixtures.
    • Packaging into PE, PET or ALU plastic bags – loose products, granules, agglomerates, mixtures.
    • Packing into sachets – PE, PET or ALU type foils – mixed and loose products.
    • Packing into stick-pack sachettes, with the possibility of using a laser cut foil to facilitate the opening of the sachet – loose, mixed products.
    • Production of mixtures of loose products, packed in bulk packaging.
    • Packaging services in bulk packaging, blistering, sealing of packages.