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Vitamin C

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VITAMIN C – effervescent tablets, lemon flavour
  • 1 tablet provides 75% of recommended daily allowance of vitamin C,
  • vitamin C boosts the proper functioning of the body immunity system
  • recommended especially in physical fatigue in spring, during strenuous physical effort and for persons with increased vitamin C demand (e.g. pregnant women, cigarette smokers)
  • Application: 1 tablet daily

Vitamins and minerals

tube 84g

cardboard box 28x84g

Interesting Facts

Why do you feel tired, sleepy and less resistant to infections in the winter? This is the result of improper diet and little physical activity. So do not try to choose food yourself. Your body should prompt you what to do to augment immunity, to prevent infection and unnecessary ballast in the form of fat. Fatigue can be caused by deficiency of iron in the diet, and too small amounts of vitamins from groups B and E.


Cool Drink type Shake. Instant drink forest fruits flavour

(Polski) Koktajl mleczny o smaku owoców leśnych
Owocowe I orzeźwiające Cool Drinks.