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IRON –effervescent tablets, blackcurrant flavour The product contains: iron, folic acid and vitamin C.
Iron – transports oxygen in the body. Each live cell requires iron to sustain metabolic processes or otherwise dies. Iron increases the body immunity and prevents anemia.
Folic acid – has haematopoietic effect, prevents defects of the nervous tube and hydrocephalus in foetus. Regulates metabolic processes. Prevents cardiac diseases and atherosclerosis.
Vitamin C – increases the absorption of iron in the body.
1 tablet of Iron contains an optimum dose of vitamin C, iron and folic acid – thus covers 100% of daily demand for these ingredients.
The preparation does not contain sugar, can be taken by diabetics.
Recommended: 1 tablet daily.

Vitamins and minerals

tube 90g

cardboard box 16x90g

Interesting Facts

How can low intake of fiber affect our body? Too little fiber consumption can cause diseases of the digestive tract - mainly constipation. The deficiency of fiber in the diet can lead to civilization diseases such as obesity, atherosclerosis, diabetes, cholelithiasis and even cancer of the large intestine.


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